Tuesday, September 28, 2010

blah today

so even after I had a great start yesterday with starting my blog and feeling so happy, my day ended on a blah note!  i did not get my run in at lunch as I had planned so when I don't run, i get grumpy.  then i get home and was totally disappointed in my dinner.  We bought already made salmon kabobs which looked great.  My husband seasoned them and broiled them and then i ate one and it tasted so fishy so i almost puked.  now this is coming from someone who loves sushi!  so when i say fishy i mean nasty fishy!  so i was upset with dinner.  then i proceeded to have a few drinks and at a sandwich at like 10 pm.  horrible.  i felt like crap going to bed.  i kept telling myself that tomorrow is another day.  just get up and get back on track.  one bad day is not going to ruin everything. 

so i got up this morning feeling like poop for the bad choices that i made before going to bed.  Then i get to work.  My job, well let's just say that I am totally not satisfied with the work that I am doing.  I feel like I am not needed where I work and that I am underutilized.  Im kind of tired of this and I need to move on.  Im so sick of favoritism.  Being in a bad mood at work really puts me in a bad state of mind.  Im frustrated at work, so i feel worthless which i know I am not.  I just need to find a more fulfilling job. 

anyway im just wasting time waiting for lunch to roll around so i can go and play tennis with a friend.  this will get me back into the happy place that i need to be!  it will clear my mind and get me back on track!  im going to make the best out of the rest of my day!

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