Thursday, October 7, 2010

wow, im bad at this!

So Im not so good at keep up with blogging.  i thought i would be great at it but nope.  turns out i forget a lot.  anyway, i had a bad week where i was just super busy and did not get a run in.  a whole week!  unheard of in my books!  but in my defense i was preparing for my son's bday party, making goody bags, making food, baking cakes, and sewing felt food for a food swap that i was not even able to attend. 

anyway last week is over and this one is almost over.  but im back on track.  ran two 7 mile runs this week and i have a 5K this weekend.  Im running the Warrior Dash with my husband on Sat afternoon.  i have to seriously try not to get hurt since the half marathon is the following weekend.  I can't believe it's almost here!!!!!  anyway the 5K looks like fun, jump through fire, repel down cliffs, crawl through tunnels, swim through water, army crawl through the mud and I get a viking hat!

well im off to get started on my 4 day weekend!

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