Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is a Runner?

When you think of a runner what do you see in your mind?  I think of a thin, well built, fast person with every muscle in their body defined as if someone painted them on their body.  Yes that is true.  People who have dedicated their lives to running and who are the elite runners of the world do in fact look like that.  But there is another class of runners out there.  I too am a runner.  As I ran on Friday morning in the frigid winter weather watching the puffs of my breath as i ran through the crisp morning air, I started thinking.  A while back a friend of mine and I went to buy new running shoes for our first half marathon at a very popular running store.  The sales person made a comment that was really dicouraging to hear.  When my friend asked about a particular aspect of the shoe she was interesed in purchasing the sales person responded that real runners don't worry about that but instead the real runners care about this.  Real runners?  What?  So running a half marathon is not real running?  We must have just been imaging the training schedules we had, the pains were were feeling in our bodies, the sweat and tears that we endured as we ran 12 miles in 95 degree temps.  Instead of discouraging us, we took the comment and tossed it aside.

As I ran Friday that whole incident kept replaying in my mind.  Am I a Real Runner?  The answer to that is yes.  I got really pumped and kept pushing through every hill and every ache and pain in my frozen body.  I am a real runner.  Anyone who wants to challenge that I dare you to go out  in the morning in 14 degree weather and fight through the mucsle aches, the shin splints, the frozen faces where your lips can't move, and the frozen snotcicles and then tell me i am not a real runner.    Granted I am not the 110 lb defined body type kind of runner, but I am a runner.  I started running at 230 lbs.  I was able to run 5 miles at 230 lbs at about a 12-13 min/mile pace.   I did not let the weight keep me from doing anything.  Instead I just kept pushing through.  I am carrying around an extra 70 lbs on the elites and Im still running 9:30-10:30 min/miles. now 40 lbs lighter and about 4 mins faster on my mile, Im still over weight but I am still running.  I am a runner. 

This is the first time I have ever really felt like a real runner.  I have the drive, the determination and the heart to keep going no matter what in order to get to my goal of running my first marathon.  I am not part of the elite runners and I am not doing this because I want to win anything.  I am a runner because I love to run and I am doing it for the love of the sport and for the love of myself.  To me that is what makes me a Real Runner. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Day

What a beautiful morning!  I woke up this morning to the crisp cold snow covered yard this morning!  the kind of snow that stuck to each and every branch of the trees.  Snow covers everthing like a silent blanket.  It is so peacful and beautiful, except when you have to face the traffic and get to work!  I got a late start this morning because I did not want to rush to get to work.  No big deal. 

last night I ran 6.1 miles on the treadmill while watching the first half of the biggest loser.  60 mins and 6.1 miles!  I totally rocked the treadmill.  I found that as long as I turn the treadmill to face the TV I can run and not even realize I am doing it.  My problem on the treadmill is that I just get bored.  i can not just run and not go anywhere.  no matter what music is playing or what i start thinking about, I constantly look down at the display and psych myself out.  but last night I just put the biggest loser on tv and just started running! 

before i went to run my i got dressed in my running clothes and then went to put my kids to bed.  my daughter put her hand on my face and told me "good luck at your race.  you are so precious.  good luck".  my heart melted and i pushed myself harder and longer on the treadmill because of that.  it's awesome that my kids are so intune with my running.  they know mommy runs and that when i put my running shoes on that i am going somewhere.  they even run around the house telling me that they are going running.  i love seeing that my running is having a positive influence on them. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Im back

Yikes!  Im having withdrawl from blogging!  The weekend came and went and I never got a chance to get on and update anything.  Well Sat started off promising and I was getting ready to head out for a 11 mile run and then I looked outside and the ground was covered in snow.  Well, me being the clumsy one that I am decided that it would be best if I did not try and run on the slippery roads.  Especially since I live in a neighborhood under construction and there are lots of uneven areas.  So then I though ok well i will run later.  that did not happen either.  We ended up running errands and getting home after it was dark.  Running in my neighborhood after dark, not an option.  again uneven pavement and no street lights. 

So for Sunday I thought I would get up and run before we headed out for a birthday party for Madison's friend.  Well that did not happen either.  Things had to be done and before I knew it, it was time to go.  Then I got home and of course the RAVENS were plalying so i obviously could not do anything except watch the game!  after that i had already had a few drinks and running would not have been a good idea. 

Monday came and i had an audit at work which meant no breaks for me. 

so that brings me to today.  It is bitter cold outside and we are supposed to get a snow storm today.  I am going to get out at lunch and run before it gets bad and just make sure i bundle up when i run.  back on track and ready to roll the rest of the week!  here's to running over 30 miles this week!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Found Energy

Good Morning World!!!  Today I hit the snooze button for the first time ever.   But damn those extra 45 mins felt great!  So needless to say I was a bit late for work today but oh well.  I woke up feeling amazing today and ready to face the world. 

Yesterday I went for a run during lunch and got 6.7 miles done.  It was a great run and I loved every minute of it!  the only problem that I had was that my damn iPod crapped out on me at about 4.5 miles.  I don't mind not running to music but i do like to track my miles and time using my Nike +.  Well since it crapped out, I lost my entire workout.  Im so buying a Garmin forerunner this week! Im so happy that I sucked it up yesterday and ran instead of sitting at my desk for lunch and playing on my computer.  I feel like a new person!!!!  then when  I got home, I had a package from and my new green plaid running skirt had come in the mail!!  this is my green skirt for my Shamrock marathon.  now the excitement is on! 

Im planning on starting my P90X this weekend to go along with my running so that I get a full body workout and I am in the best physical shape that I could possibly be in.  I have a new found level of excitement and motivation.  I feel like I am on top of the world and that I can accomplish anything.  I am planing a 10 mile run tomorrow morning and i know that I can totally do it and feel fantastic afterwards.  Im bursting with energy today and ready to take on whatever comes my way! so bring it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

today is a new day take 2!

So yesterday was just as crappy as the day before, stress wise and work wise.  Only this time i did not get to run.  I go out to lunch every Wednesday with two of my co-workers just to unwind and forget about work for a while.  I really needed it this week.  So I opted to hang out with them instead of running.  Then when I got home we decided to de-Christmasize and take down the tree and put the stockings away until next year.  im hoping that decluttering will help put me into a cleaner state of mind!

So today I am going for the 6-8 mile run during lunch!  I am totally pumped too!  i also mapped my 12-13 mile run for sat morning which I am seriously excited about.  Is it crazy that I get excited about running long distances????  This will hopefully get me to where i need to be to be on track as far as my training schedule goes for my marathon. From this point forward my long runs will be in the double digits!  Well here's to a new day!  (AGAIN)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

today is a new day

so my job has me completely frustrated with everything in life right now.  I hate where I work and I really have problems with most of the people that I work with because they are lazy and don't do what they are supposed to do.  It is really starting to take a toll on me and the rest of my life.  Im frustrated all the time and then i end up being frustrated when I get off work and then when I get home.  i just don't have the time to ever just unwind from the stresses that built up over the course of the day.  My typical day:  I get up in the am, get myself ready, make breakfast for everyone, pack lunches, feed the pets, let the dog out, finish getting the kids ready, take them to daycare, go to work, deal with complete disrespectful dumbasses at work, go straight from work to pick the kids up from daycare to home to make dinner to getting kiddos ready for bed to bedtime routines which really stink right now and then off to get things ready for the next day.  By the time Im done its almost 10 pm which is when i go to bed since I get up at 4 every morning only to start the cycle over again.  I really needed to win the mega millions last night so that i could be a stay at home mom to my two amazing kiddos who are suffering right now because mommy is just not all there lately. 

To relieve some of my stresses i run.  Unfortunately the only real time that I get to run is during lunch at work since by the time I get home at night it's dark and when I say dark, I mean that my neighborhood is completely pitch black once the sun goes down.  I did not get to run yesterday at lunch but I did go for a run on the treadmill last night.  My relationship with a treadmill is not a good one.  They bore the ever living daylights out of me.  I can not stand running in one spot in my basement facing a white wall for long periods of time.  I only did 3 miles but I did 3 miles of sprints and hill climbs and i did it right after dinner so im surprised I even made it that far without puking. 

so now for the title of my blog:  today is a new day.  I hope to have a better day today and maybe even look for a new job.  I brought my running things today so i can run during lunch.  i have to really kick my butt into gear so I am ready to run the 26.2 miles that lay ahead of me on March 20th!  Yikes!!!  anyway I plan to run 7-8 miles today during lunch and keep with my healthy eating!   here's to hopefully a better day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Me

so this blogging thing did not go as planned.  i really wanted to start blogging my journey to a healthier lifestyle but i ended up slacking.  Well that was 2010.  It's 2011 and time to get myself on track!  i know right now I only have one follower but Im going to keep writing anyway in the hopes that others will find my journey helpful to them. 

So 2011 here we are.  I do not really have resolutions per say but instead I have goals and lifestyle changes. I am already living a healthy lifestyle and I want to continue that in the new year.  This year I really want to buckle down and stop the overeating and stop the teeter totter effect on the scale.  I want to go down and only down. 

I ran my first half marathon in October and man what an accomplishment!  Now in 2011, I will be running my first marathon!  so excited.  is that sick?  anyway I have become a runner and love every minute of it.  Im a bit mad today that I did not get my run in during lunch.  I forgot my sports bra and if I went running without it, things would not have ended well.  I would have had two black eyes by the end of the run!

I also want to stop worrying about the small things in life and just learn to enjoy every minute of every day that I have.  I have an amazing family and I want to enjoy every second that I get to spend with them.

anyway, here's to a new year and lots of blogging this year!  Im going to be posting my weight loss for all to see, my running journal, progression pics, healthy recipes, and positive thoughts!  I hope to gain some additional followers this year too!  thanks for reading!