Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Me

so this blogging thing did not go as planned.  i really wanted to start blogging my journey to a healthier lifestyle but i ended up slacking.  Well that was 2010.  It's 2011 and time to get myself on track!  i know right now I only have one follower but Im going to keep writing anyway in the hopes that others will find my journey helpful to them. 

So 2011 here we are.  I do not really have resolutions per say but instead I have goals and lifestyle changes. I am already living a healthy lifestyle and I want to continue that in the new year.  This year I really want to buckle down and stop the overeating and stop the teeter totter effect on the scale.  I want to go down and only down. 

I ran my first half marathon in October and man what an accomplishment!  Now in 2011, I will be running my first marathon!  so excited.  is that sick?  anyway I have become a runner and love every minute of it.  Im a bit mad today that I did not get my run in during lunch.  I forgot my sports bra and if I went running without it, things would not have ended well.  I would have had two black eyes by the end of the run!

I also want to stop worrying about the small things in life and just learn to enjoy every minute of every day that I have.  I have an amazing family and I want to enjoy every second that I get to spend with them.

anyway, here's to a new year and lots of blogging this year!  Im going to be posting my weight loss for all to see, my running journal, progression pics, healthy recipes, and positive thoughts!  I hope to gain some additional followers this year too!  thanks for reading!


  1. Im trying! I think that I will be on much more from now on!