Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Day

What a beautiful morning!  I woke up this morning to the crisp cold snow covered yard this morning!  the kind of snow that stuck to each and every branch of the trees.  Snow covers everthing like a silent blanket.  It is so peacful and beautiful, except when you have to face the traffic and get to work!  I got a late start this morning because I did not want to rush to get to work.  No big deal. 

last night I ran 6.1 miles on the treadmill while watching the first half of the biggest loser.  60 mins and 6.1 miles!  I totally rocked the treadmill.  I found that as long as I turn the treadmill to face the TV I can run and not even realize I am doing it.  My problem on the treadmill is that I just get bored.  i can not just run and not go anywhere.  no matter what music is playing or what i start thinking about, I constantly look down at the display and psych myself out.  but last night I just put the biggest loser on tv and just started running! 

before i went to run my i got dressed in my running clothes and then went to put my kids to bed.  my daughter put her hand on my face and told me "good luck at your race.  you are so precious.  good luck".  my heart melted and i pushed myself harder and longer on the treadmill because of that.  it's awesome that my kids are so intune with my running.  they know mommy runs and that when i put my running shoes on that i am going somewhere.  they even run around the house telling me that they are going running.  i love seeing that my running is having a positive influence on them. 

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  1. Great job! Gavin used to tell me I ran slow and he ran fast... now he says Im the fastest mommy ever... when Im SOOOO not but he has faith in me!