Thursday, January 6, 2011

today is a new day take 2!

So yesterday was just as crappy as the day before, stress wise and work wise.  Only this time i did not get to run.  I go out to lunch every Wednesday with two of my co-workers just to unwind and forget about work for a while.  I really needed it this week.  So I opted to hang out with them instead of running.  Then when I got home we decided to de-Christmasize and take down the tree and put the stockings away until next year.  im hoping that decluttering will help put me into a cleaner state of mind!

So today I am going for the 6-8 mile run during lunch!  I am totally pumped too!  i also mapped my 12-13 mile run for sat morning which I am seriously excited about.  Is it crazy that I get excited about running long distances????  This will hopefully get me to where i need to be to be on track as far as my training schedule goes for my marathon. From this point forward my long runs will be in the double digits!  Well here's to a new day!  (AGAIN)

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