Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Be A Jerk!

oh my goodness!  2 days left and boy are the butterflies out in full force today!  I jumped out of bed about 410, 35 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off this morning.  Im a little anxious for the weekend can you tell?!!  I work today and then get the dog to the kennel, pack our bags, hang out with the kiddos and then off to sleep only to wake early in the morning and get rolling to VA Beach!  yikes!  I can't believe I leave tomorrow for the expo and then run on Sunday!  I think Im more anxious than nervous.  I just cant believe Im going to actually do this.  yes my training has been real but the actual day still seemed so distant and so much a hazy dream.  But i sit here 2 days away and can't seem to concentrate on anything.  I am so excited for this!

running is such an individual accomplishment!  you do not ever truely understand what a person goes through when they run their first race, no matter the distance, until you do it yourself.  It is such a feat and such an accomplishment at any level!  I ran a 5K over the weekend and there was a girl, no joke, running while talking on her cell phone.  not an ear piece, her actual phone up at her ear.  she was running saying to the person on the other line "i just wanted to give you a call back, Im running a 5K.  oh no I can talk, it's only a 5K"..  I am not a violent person but I wanted to trip her so bad.  Ok, so it's only a 5K but to some people a 5K is a huge accomplishment.  Yes I run more than a 5K on any of my runs that I do on any given day, but I still understand what it is like to run a 5K for the first time.  I can relate to what work goes into setting and achieving a goal.  That girl on the phone had no clue who was running around her and what impact her negative attitude would have on them.  I felt for anyone who heard that who had worked so hard to get up to the 5K distance.   I was listening to the conversations at the end of the race and it made me feel so good to hear people around me who were just so proud that they were able to finish a 5K.  My husband being one of them.  He is not a runner but he is working to become one.  Running 3 miles was an accomplishment for him and I am so proud that he did it.  Im happy that he is making strides to a healthier lifestyle. 

so next time you are running "just a 5K", think back to the first 5K you tackled and remember how proud you were.  Don't take that away from anyone by being arrogant.  No matter where you are in your running or whatever you are doing, remember we all had to start somewhere.    The negative comments and attitudes could stop someone who has worked so hard dead in their tracks. so don't be a Jerk!


  1. I'm running my first race ever (a 5K!) in April, & couldn't agree more. It's hard to start running. :-)

  2. you can totally do it!!! it was hard to start but it gets addictive fast! good luck to you in your training! let me know how your race goes!!