Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Action

I really do want to keep up with the whole blogging thing but i get side tracked easily and I forget to get on the computer.  oh well, im here today and im writing.  I have a very busy schedule ahead of me with all of the races that I have signed up for this sping and summer!  Im in complete training mode and have been getting my runs in each week. 

Race Schedule:

May 7th:  13.1 mile race
May 21st:  3.2 mile race
June 5th:  13.1 mile race
June 18th:  10 mile race
October 16:  26.2 mile race

I am still going strong with my P90X workouts as well.  Im on my last week of phase 1!! I will post my measurements at the end of this week!  I was asked if I have noticed a difference in my shape or my body yet.  The answer to that is nothing drastic.  I think the first phase gets your body in shape to handle the next two phases.  it is basically laying the groud work for the upcoming workouts.  My body is now used to the workouts and will start to change now that the routine changes a bit.  I think the big results will be seen at the end of the program when i compare the end photos with the beginning photos along with the changes in my measurements.

So far I have noticed more definition in my shoulders and chest area and way more strength in my entire body.  My core is really getting stronger and my abs are tightening under all of my fluff!  i actually did push ups the other day which I could not do when I first started.  I was on my knees doing them and now I can do a few without being on my knees. 

My husband has joined me in my running fetish!  he signed himself up for the 10 mile race in June and has signed up for his first half marathon in october!  Im so proud of him and the dedication he is showing!  Im glad that my actions in life have been a positive influence on him!

All it takes is one person, one attitude, and one action to inspire change!  Be that person!

Monday, April 18, 2011


So it's that time of the week again!  Monday morning.  Sunday night probably the most depressing night for me.  I can't seem to shake the funk that I get into.  I distance myself with thoughts of what I need to pack for monday, are the kids bags packed for daycare?  did we wash their sheets and blankets? are lunches packed? Are the kids after daycare snacks and drinks packed?  Do I have my gym bag and are the clothes in that bag clean?  Do i have clothes laid out for tomorrow?  and the list goes on.  I find it very hard to wind down and actually go to sleep on Sunday night. 

But it's Monday.  It really stinks that we wish the week away just so we can get to the weekend.  In all essence we are wishing our lives away by trying to fast forward through 5 days just to get to the 2 days that we have off.  I try really hard not to wish the weeks by so fast.  Time flies as it is and I want to cherish every moment that I have now with my family.  I don't wish for the weeks to go by any faster than they do.  I am already astonished at how quickly the time has gone and how my kids are kids now and not babies! 

So this week Im sticking with the P90X and will be finished my 3rd week this week then I have one more week before remeasuring myself.  I will have completed the first 30 days!  This time has been fun because I do some of the exercises while my kids are watching TV and they join me!  have you ever seen a 2 year old do a decline pushup?  too funny!  I will have to remember to keep the camera close next time I exercise!

I have also been running religiously again!  I missed my routine runs but now Im back in action and apparently going to be signing up for my next marathon!  yikes!  what am i thinking?    i will be updating my good eats section today as well to inlcude my meals for this week.  Im a little behind because I had a seriously busy weekend and was working a Tastefully Simple Party yesterday afternoon.  But none the less, here i am and my meals will be shortly following!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

totally just got....

checked out by guys in a jeep while I was running!!!!!  holy cow!  talk about esteem booster!  I was running at work and was about 2 miles into my run when a jeep with two guys in it went by me.  the passneger in the jeep looked out the window at me and as he turned the corner, put his head out the window and very obviously looked back at me again!  hello!  that made me feel amazing! 

now for the record i am happily married with two beautiful children and would not change that for the world, but the fact that i am check-out-able is an amazing feeling!  I have been working so damn hard the past year to get to where I am now and to see that kind of a reaction really makes me feel good!  (I still have a loooong way to go)

I cant wait to be the MILF on the beach this summer. after running 5 races and finishing P90X in the next 2 months I should be in the best shape ever!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What time is it???

Spring has sprung,
The grass has riz,
Do you know
What time it is?

Time for spring
 And time for fun!
It's time for all those
Spring time runs!

Ok So im a huge dork!  anyway its been a busy few weeks.  I have been one busy mama!  I ran another race on April 3rd.  i did a 10 mile Cherry Blossom run in DC which was awesome and so much fun!
Although, the morning of the race I was super jittery since I had not run one single day since the marathon 2 weeks before!  yikes!  Somehow I still managed to run 10 miles and actually do it in record time!  1 hr and 42 minutes and 3 seconds!  that is a 10:13 mile avg.  Crazy!  If it had been a half marathon I would have probably finished in about 2 hrs which is 35 mins faster than my first half!

I have also started doing P90X and am on the last day of my second week.  I will post my initial measurements later and then will update them after 30 days!  Im so going to have the beach body in time for the beach this year!!!I am continuing with running and working out each night and of course eating right.

speaking of eating, I have been asked about my meal planning that I do each week.  With such a busy lifestyle (working, mom, exercise, second business) and wanting to eat healthy, the only way for me to do that is to prepare my meals ahead of time so Im not scrounging throughout the week to make something for dinner.  Im going to try and post my weekly meals each sunday to help others see what I do and how easy it is to eat healthy in very little time even with a super busy schedule!

On Sundays I cook all of my meals for the whole week.  This takes about 2-4 hrs depending on what I make.  i can get most of it done during nap time.  This way all I have to do throughout the week is to pull food from the fridge each night and reheat.  Takes about 15 mins to make dinner and about 15 to clean up.  This leaves me more time to spend with my family before going to bed.

this week's menu:
We grilled all of our meat minus the fish we are going to eat this week.  We grilled 3 chicken breasts, 1 pork cut, 4 hamburgers, and 1 lb shrimp.

I washed and cut up fresh veggies for the week and placed them into ziplock bags:  broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, turnips, peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, spaghetti squash, zucchini,  and shredded cabbage.

Using my veggies I made a huge pot of veggie soup with the shredded cabbage, frozen spinach, turnips zucchini, onions, peppers, carrots, celery and 2 cans of diced tomatoes with the juice and about 3 cups of low sodium chicken broth gresh pressed garlic and spices to taste.  I usually take a bowl of this to lunch every day and will eat a bowl at dinner.  (very filling and low calorie)

Sunday:  we had the hamburgers that we grilled with fresh cut fries.  I cut potatoes into wedges and seasoned them with old bay and pepper and a tiny spray of olive oil and broiled them on a stone cookie sheet.  We also had steamed broccoli.

Monday dinner:  I made Quinoa for the first time and i diced up the chicken breasts that we grilled and tossed them into the Quinoa with some fresh steamed asparagus and 1 can of low calorie cream of chicken soup.  Delish.  I served this with fresh steamed cauliflower since my kids do not eat asparagus. 

Tuesday:  We will have spaghetti squash casserole:  I cut and cooked the spaghetti squash then removed it from the skin.  I placed it into the bottom of a baking dish.  I then added, onions, peppers, zucchini and fresh mushrooms and covered with home-made tomato sauce.  I will bake it for 15 mins tonight when i get home and dinner will be served.

Wednesday:  Shrimp Stir-fry:  Use the grilled shrimp and some of the veggies that have been cut up already and stirfry in a pan for a few minutes and within 15-20 mins dinner will be done!

Thurs:  I will cook the pork with a steamed veggie medley from the pre-cut veggies that i have.  I mad add some rice as well.

Fri:  broiled halibot and fresh steamed veggies for the kids.  i will have grilled halibot over a salad.  Maybe a baked potato.

Sat I don't usually plan for because i allow for one night of wiggle room.  We either eat any leftovers, make a pizza, or order out. 

This week I even made a breakfast for the week.  I used 12 egg whites and beat them, added frozen spinach, mushrooms, oinions, peppers, and garlic and baked it for 60 mins.  I have an egg casserole for the week!

I will update my meal plan each Sunday and put it in the good eats tab of my blog! 

hope this helps!