Monday, April 18, 2011


So it's that time of the week again!  Monday morning.  Sunday night probably the most depressing night for me.  I can't seem to shake the funk that I get into.  I distance myself with thoughts of what I need to pack for monday, are the kids bags packed for daycare?  did we wash their sheets and blankets? are lunches packed? Are the kids after daycare snacks and drinks packed?  Do I have my gym bag and are the clothes in that bag clean?  Do i have clothes laid out for tomorrow?  and the list goes on.  I find it very hard to wind down and actually go to sleep on Sunday night. 

But it's Monday.  It really stinks that we wish the week away just so we can get to the weekend.  In all essence we are wishing our lives away by trying to fast forward through 5 days just to get to the 2 days that we have off.  I try really hard not to wish the weeks by so fast.  Time flies as it is and I want to cherish every moment that I have now with my family.  I don't wish for the weeks to go by any faster than they do.  I am already astonished at how quickly the time has gone and how my kids are kids now and not babies! 

So this week Im sticking with the P90X and will be finished my 3rd week this week then I have one more week before remeasuring myself.  I will have completed the first 30 days!  This time has been fun because I do some of the exercises while my kids are watching TV and they join me!  have you ever seen a 2 year old do a decline pushup?  too funny!  I will have to remember to keep the camera close next time I exercise!

I have also been running religiously again!  I missed my routine runs but now Im back in action and apparently going to be signing up for my next marathon!  yikes!  what am i thinking?    i will be updating my good eats section today as well to inlcude my meals for this week.  Im a little behind because I had a seriously busy weekend and was working a Tastefully Simple Party yesterday afternoon.  But none the less, here i am and my meals will be shortly following!

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  1. I'm with you on the Monday thing. It's hard not to let the days of the week define your mood!