Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Action

I really do want to keep up with the whole blogging thing but i get side tracked easily and I forget to get on the computer.  oh well, im here today and im writing.  I have a very busy schedule ahead of me with all of the races that I have signed up for this sping and summer!  Im in complete training mode and have been getting my runs in each week. 

Race Schedule:

May 7th:  13.1 mile race
May 21st:  3.2 mile race
June 5th:  13.1 mile race
June 18th:  10 mile race
October 16:  26.2 mile race

I am still going strong with my P90X workouts as well.  Im on my last week of phase 1!! I will post my measurements at the end of this week!  I was asked if I have noticed a difference in my shape or my body yet.  The answer to that is nothing drastic.  I think the first phase gets your body in shape to handle the next two phases.  it is basically laying the groud work for the upcoming workouts.  My body is now used to the workouts and will start to change now that the routine changes a bit.  I think the big results will be seen at the end of the program when i compare the end photos with the beginning photos along with the changes in my measurements.

So far I have noticed more definition in my shoulders and chest area and way more strength in my entire body.  My core is really getting stronger and my abs are tightening under all of my fluff!  i actually did push ups the other day which I could not do when I first started.  I was on my knees doing them and now I can do a few without being on my knees. 

My husband has joined me in my running fetish!  he signed himself up for the 10 mile race in June and has signed up for his first half marathon in october!  Im so proud of him and the dedication he is showing!  Im glad that my actions in life have been a positive influence on him!

All it takes is one person, one attitude, and one action to inspire change!  Be that person!

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  1. Wow! Awesome work on signing up for all of those races, training, & doing P90X. I need to work on making time for strength training. It's too easy to give it up when you're trying to desperately find time to run & hit your weekly miles. You've inspired me to at least do some strength training today!