Thursday, April 14, 2011

totally just got....

checked out by guys in a jeep while I was running!!!!!  holy cow!  talk about esteem booster!  I was running at work and was about 2 miles into my run when a jeep with two guys in it went by me.  the passneger in the jeep looked out the window at me and as he turned the corner, put his head out the window and very obviously looked back at me again!  hello!  that made me feel amazing! 

now for the record i am happily married with two beautiful children and would not change that for the world, but the fact that i am check-out-able is an amazing feeling!  I have been working so damn hard the past year to get to where I am now and to see that kind of a reaction really makes me feel good!  (I still have a loooong way to go)

I cant wait to be the MILF on the beach this summer. after running 5 races and finishing P90X in the next 2 months I should be in the best shape ever!


  1. You're a hot lady, getting checked out on your runs! :-) Admittedly, it is a nice self-esteem booster for me as well, & I consider myself totally happily married & a mom of two also.

  2. well its because you rock! I havent seen you in almost a month and I bet with the p90x your body already looks so much different!