Tuesday, January 17, 2012

going down....

my weight that is!  I cant believe how much a few changes in eating can do to your weight.  Since right before the new year i have been really conscious of what I put into my mouth.  It has only been healthy options.  nothing processed, nothing with anything except 100% whole grain or whole wheat and no sugars.  I also watch sodium intake all which have added to a whopping 11 lb loss in 2 weeks!  crazy!  We even went to a hockey game on Friday and got there too late to grab dinner before the game, thanks to DC traffic and an accident that had us stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes.  We were really good and as hungry as we were, did not get anything to eat at the game.  they had nothing healthy to eat so we opted to just wait until after the game.  After the game I had grilled chicken, plain, with asparagus which were waaaaay too salty for me so i left them on the plate.  It felt so good waking up the next morning not feeling like a bloated pig! 

I have also become extremely addicted to the gym.  I go at least 4 times a week now and if I miss a day, I am completely bummed.  Last night was one of those nights.  Being a mom, my family comes first.  Things happen but that's OK.  I can pick back up and go tonight.  I'm back on my running schedule which is great since I have a marathon in 9 weeks!  yikes!  I ran 9 miles on the treadmill Friday and felt like I could have run 9 more!  

I know everyone has heard it a million times but diet and exercise really are the key to feeling great!  Since i have cut a lot of the bad things out of my diet, i feel totally different.  I am never bloated and I don't feel like  I have over eaten.  I have learned to doctor up foods so that they taste amazing but are still very healthy and beneficial to my body.  Add a tasty healthy diet to some sort of daily exercise and you are bound to feel better!  I really noticed this when I ran the other day.  I thought back to how bad I felt the day after Christmas when I went for a run and then how amazing I felt running 9 miles on Friday.  Huge difference and it all started with making a choice to change the way I was eating.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Challenge

To start the new year off right, between the holidays I started a 10 day challenge that I found in my Zumba dvd kit.  It was to follow their diet plan and Zumba schedule for 10 days to drop a pants size.  Well I followed the plan and did not drop a size but I did drop 6.6 lbs! My pants fit better and I am feeling amazing!  The challenge was not a failure because I did not drop a size.  I dropped 6.6 lbs!  I just did not lose it in the pants region I guess.  Oh well.  My husband followed the same eating plan but did not do the Zumba and he lost 13 lbs!  What a great start to the new year!!!

Because the eating plan is so easy to follow and I feel so clean and energized this is something that I can easily stick with.  I am committed to following the basic rules set in the eating plan so that i can continue to lose!  The food is yummy and I do not feel deprived or hungry.  Im actually more satisfied because Im not filling myself with empty calories.  Basically I have cut most processed foods out along with the sugars and anything that is not made with 100% whole weat or whole grain.  As long as i continue to do this along with my exercising, I should be good to go in July when I hit the beach with my family!  My goal this year is to wear a 2 piece bathing suit to the beach and actually feel comfortable wearing it. 

Now on to the running.  So I am still running.  I actually have my 3rd marathon this year in 11 weeks.  I am running the Shamrock Marathon which was the first marathon I ever ran.  This time my husband will be joining me and will be running the half.  i have been doing some speed work and have been running almost every other day so I think i should be good to go this time around as long as I continue and get my long runs in.  I will have to post my running schedule once I actually pick the races that I am going to run.  I have so many that I want to run!  That is my goal for tonight.  narrow down my list of runs for the spring/summer. 

Tonight is a gym night for me and I am so excited to go work out.  The gym has become an obsession of mine and I absolutely love being there.  I have worked it into our family schedule so that i go 2 nights during the week and am home in time to snuggle on the couch before my kids go to bed.  I get the best of both worlds! 

well off to start the day at work!  I look forward to my lunchtime run today and my gym night tonight!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


what an amazing year!
Not only did I have the time of my life watching my amazing kids accomplish new feats and grow over the past year, and grow closer to the love of my life, but i accomplished some very personal, and what seemed like unreachable, goals.  this was the year that I proved that I can do anything that I want as long as I really want it!  this was the year that the words "I can't" were replaced with "I will".  I realized that there is NOTHING that I can't do. 

I accomplished a feat that I would have considered to be impossible, and ran my 1st marathon.  Not only did I run one, I ran my second and now I'm training for my third!  who would have thought?  3 marathons in one calendar year!  crazy!  I never in a million years would have predicted 1 let alone 3!  the funny thing is, I'm still not done.  I want more!

I also changed career paths.  I always knew I was too bubbly and cheery to be stuck working in a lab. I decided to take a temporary position within my organization that would be completely out of my field.  Well i have been here since October and I absolutely love it!!!  I'm busy, happy, love my coworkers and I'm having a blast!  I don't know if I will ever go back to what I was doing.  The fact that I am happy at work has in turn made me a happy person all around.  My new job has me dressing super sassy and I even chopped my hair off for a super cute, fun, sexy, yet sophisticated new hair style!  My new job requires me to look nice so I am more conscious of my appearance which makes me more conscious of my weight.

As for my healthy eating, well I slipped off for a while.  I did not gain weight, but I also did not lose any.  During the holidays when I was at home I decided I was tired of sitting on the couch and I went to the gym.  Then I started doing Zumba and really took a look at my eating habits and started a 10 day challenge (that came in my Zumba dvd set) to drop a pants size.  Well, 5 days into my challenge and I have lost 5 lbs and my clothes are baggier!  I have been doing my Zumba dvds every day and I'm trying to get to the gym 4 times a week.   I can tell that this is the year that I am going to totally change myself!

I will start with getting back on track with blogging.  I'm going to do one later explaining my 10 day challenge and my awesome recipes that I am using to lose the weight and still maintain my energy.  I hope I have not lost too many people and I hope to gain more followers and I write about my journey to a healthier me!