Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Challenge

To start the new year off right, between the holidays I started a 10 day challenge that I found in my Zumba dvd kit.  It was to follow their diet plan and Zumba schedule for 10 days to drop a pants size.  Well I followed the plan and did not drop a size but I did drop 6.6 lbs! My pants fit better and I am feeling amazing!  The challenge was not a failure because I did not drop a size.  I dropped 6.6 lbs!  I just did not lose it in the pants region I guess.  Oh well.  My husband followed the same eating plan but did not do the Zumba and he lost 13 lbs!  What a great start to the new year!!!

Because the eating plan is so easy to follow and I feel so clean and energized this is something that I can easily stick with.  I am committed to following the basic rules set in the eating plan so that i can continue to lose!  The food is yummy and I do not feel deprived or hungry.  Im actually more satisfied because Im not filling myself with empty calories.  Basically I have cut most processed foods out along with the sugars and anything that is not made with 100% whole weat or whole grain.  As long as i continue to do this along with my exercising, I should be good to go in July when I hit the beach with my family!  My goal this year is to wear a 2 piece bathing suit to the beach and actually feel comfortable wearing it. 

Now on to the running.  So I am still running.  I actually have my 3rd marathon this year in 11 weeks.  I am running the Shamrock Marathon which was the first marathon I ever ran.  This time my husband will be joining me and will be running the half.  i have been doing some speed work and have been running almost every other day so I think i should be good to go this time around as long as I continue and get my long runs in.  I will have to post my running schedule once I actually pick the races that I am going to run.  I have so many that I want to run!  That is my goal for tonight.  narrow down my list of runs for the spring/summer. 

Tonight is a gym night for me and I am so excited to go work out.  The gym has become an obsession of mine and I absolutely love being there.  I have worked it into our family schedule so that i go 2 nights during the week and am home in time to snuggle on the couch before my kids go to bed.  I get the best of both worlds! 

well off to start the day at work!  I look forward to my lunchtime run today and my gym night tonight!


  1. so proud of you! I cant wait to get back where you are. I havent seen you in forever - I bet you look awesome!

  2. I like the idea of squeezing in two workout nights during the work week, regardless of family commitments. The routine is so important to keep you on track toward your goal! Great work!