Running Log

12/31/10  6 miles around my neighborhood
01/04/11  3 miles treadmill (speedwork and hills)  i hate the treadmill!!
01/06/11  6.7 miles around post during lunch.  awesome run!!  felt amazing and de-stressed!
01/07/11  5.5 miles around post during lungh.  cold, windy, and i had sore shins.  i still pushed through!  :)
01/11/11  6.1 miles on the treadmill.  6.2 to 7.0 pace on the treadmill while watching the biggest loser.  awesome workout with a dose of motivational tv!
01/14/11:  8.7 mile run around my parents house.  very cold but I was feeling very inspired and that nothing could stop me.
01/17/11:  10.7 mile run around my parents house.  took a while for my body to warm up but once i hit the  5 mile mark, my body felt amazing and that i could run forever!

Im so far behind with this and I could not even try to catch up! 
just know that I am going to log 26.2 on Sunday 20 March!!